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About Us

I've always loved to cook and whenever I host an event or get-together, it's important to me that the food and drink I serve isn't just good, but great.  For me it is a way to show how much I appreciate the people I care about.

Whether sharing a conversation over a bottle of wine and small plates, a backyard BBQ on a sunny afternoon, or an intimate dinner party, some of the best memories I've built with family and friends have been celebrated with food.

Private Table evolved out the desire to not only share what I love doing with others, but to help them create those moments that turn into the kinds of amazing memories that never fail to bring a smile.   

I'm Erik Van Pelt, and I look forward to cooking for you.



Charlotte Jenkins

Charlotte is our resident Director of Services, and resident mixologist.   With more than 15 years experience in the fine-dining industry as both a general manager, craft bartender Charlotte brings the elegance and professional level of service to your home to ensure your experience is everything you hoped and more. 


Erik Van Pelt

Erik is the owner, Chef de Cuisine, and Sommelier of Private Table. 

A life long food and wine enthusiast, his passion for entertaining and the culinary arts lead to the inevitable creation of a Private Table.  
He has been fortunate to train with a number of amazing Chef's from Europe, New Orleans, Hawaii, and of course California.  


Lori De Gennaro

In addition to being a registered dietician (RD), Lori fills a number of roles at Private Table from from sous chef to server.  

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