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Whether your plan is for formal dinning, or less so, leave the work to us so that you can enjoy yourself, and your guests, without the worry or the stress. We offer a variety of scalable services that can be customized to your particular tastes and needs.


Wine and Spirits 

Cooking Classes

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Pasta Ingredients

Dinner parties can easily be some of the best moments ever spent with friends, but they can quickly become a lot of work for the host.  Especially if the host is trying to do all of the work themselves.

It's your party after all. Shouldn't you be able to enjoy it too?

Wine and cocktails elevate any party to the next level, but can be intimidating.  Private Table's trained sommeliers and mixologists will work with you to pair your menu with a selection of wine and or custom craft cocktails, that match your tastes and budget, and can provide trained bartenders to service your event.   

Cooking is fun.  Especially when you throw some friends into the mix.  Private Table offers a variety of cooking classes from small classes for more serious students looking to add a new skill, to more festive party scenarios where are trained staff will guide you and your guest through an interactive, hands on lesson.  

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